To ensure the Horizontal Flammability test results are accurate, following is a recommended check list that was established by the AL2A MTAC Meeting Members to identify the most common items to look for to ensure your tests are conducted in a manner that will ensure accurate and reliable test results.
Pre-Test Check List
• Contamination of specimen
   (hand lotion, oil from hand, silicone from saw blade, surface contaminants)

• Ignition fuel source incorrect (using propane, for example)

• Improper fume hood draft control. Test run draft free

• Blocking of ventilation holes in test apparatus

• Re-ignition of specimen from droplets

• Improper placement of specimen to burner tip.

• The tilting of the burner (this is a BIG issue!)

• Specimen not prepared properly. Bias cut give radical results

• Inaccurate timing and inaccurate measurement

• Introduction of foreign materials into test apparatus, i.e. foil for drip

• Not cleaning debris from frames and support wires between tests

• Test specimens need to be flat, without any bends or curves

• Improper sample size. Note customer requirements

• Improper pass/fail criteria. GM and Nissan have statistical requirements, for
example. Some OEM’s specify 80 mm/min max burn rate.

• Difficult to conduct any type of Measurement System Analysis or make any
interlaboratory competency or proficiency conclusions

• Note measurement thickness – 13 mm is the maximum thickness

• Note composites that are adhered 100 % versus materials not adhered (like cut and sew)
Flammability Test
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