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Vertical Flammability Enclosure
The Thermtech Vertical Flammability Test Chamber for measuring the vertical flame spread for the Aerospace industry.   
Designed for Aerospace Testing
Stainless Steel Housing
1/4" Gas Connection
Gas Shutoff Valve
Tempered Glass
Spring Door Latch
1/4" Thick Stainless Steel Specimen Holder With Wingnut Spring Clamps
Bunsen Burner Trolly allows flame to be positioned under specimen after door is closed
Optional Feature
Optional Feature
Standardl Feature
Bunsen Burner
With Pilot
Bunsen Burner
Position Trolly
Enclosure Black
Back Panel
The gas valve manifold shown in picture is the valvel that is supplied with the pilot ignition tube optional feature. if the pilot ignition tube option is not required, then the enclosure will consist of a 1/4" manual shutoff vavle only.
Interior Dimensions: 13 in. wide x 13 in. deep x 30 in. high